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FINALLY REVEALED: How to Defeat the Google Adwords Affiliate Slap

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Hi, it's Leo Saraceni here.

Here's something you might not know about me... I'm still in College. And no, I'm not a genious or anything... But I love learning new things. About an year ago, I had a hard time putting together time for college, family, my job, and for my business.

While I was struggling to get any work done, I would always notice how successful marketers seemed to do very little work, and they'd get amazing results.

The only problem? I had no idea what were they doing...

Seriously, I had absolutely no clue how they'd get 100+ leads a day from a couple hours of work.

And compared to the 16+ hours I was working, it really stung...

So, when I finally realized that I needed to have some kind of automated process for creating traffic and getting leads, attraction marketing seemed like the strategy to follow... and dominate! I needed to go beyond network marketing fundamentals...

So I made a point of getting rid of the hours spent calling dead-beat leads I had purchased... and invest those hours into creating ways for prospects to find me... and hopefully call me themselves. I was in for a ride!

It's not to brag that I'm here, but I've had to stop giving my phone number because I couldn't get anything else done. Yes, leads were calling me very often... and Yes, people wanted my advice, even paid for it.

But the best part came a bit later, when I took an entire week away from the office, and I continued to get commissions and make sales!

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My Immediate Goal Is...
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sandeep nath

Sandeep Nath, also known as Dr. Whitefield, is our first guest star.

Sandeep wrote a revealing article entitled How Much Money Will I Make in which he shreds the money paradigm and opens our minds to accepting the millionaire mindset.

You can read it in the Network Marketing Fundamental area.


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Leonardo Saraceni


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